We’re all searching for home

Remember, at some point someone also looked at you in your childhood and thought, "Damn, is this what the future looks like for humanity?"Our children have the best of us and the worst of us, and somewhere between those ends they form their own unique character.If you hope to understand them, you need to begin [...]

A few random thoughts

The ‘anything goes’ mentality is far more extremist than those that stand by moderation. It requires an extremist to allow anything to pass as acceptable without restraint, whereas it requires conscious thought, conviction, and balance to apply one’s mind to moderation. Yet the duplicity of society would incline you to believe that those that seek [...]

Disordered Minds

For those of you that had a good laugh at my expense regarding my niece’s association between her topic for a speech at school and me, I thought I’d share the final product of what I wrote for her. The actual topic was Disordered Minds and not Destructive Minds. I’m still not too keen on [...]