Life’s Lessons

Our life’s experiences don’t always leave a sweet after taste, but it always strengthens our senses to appreciate so much that the less-trialled may take for granted. I sometimes come across individuals that are matured well beyond their years, and my thoughts are usually ambivalent about their state.

Do I feel happy for them that they have acquired an appreciation for life at such a tender age, or do I decry the hardships and struggles that they were already exposed to whilst others their age were pre-occupied with petty decisions about social circles and fashion fads?

Perhaps they’re not at such a tender age after all. Perhaps society has, in its insatiable self-loathing and insecurity, stripped our youth of their maturity and instead caused children to appear as sensual adults. We’ve robbed them of their sense of wholesomeness and modesty and replaced it with an angst that even we don’t know how to unravel.

Of all the teenagers and young adults that I’ve encountered in my life, the ones with the most grave misgivings about life were either spiritually void, or subscribed to a spiritual code out of fear or obligation, rather than conviction, which I guess leaves them spiritually void anyway. Spirituality is constantly being attacked out of sheer ignorance with science being presented as a dismal substitute.

It’s just sad.

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