Razing Adults

I have a good chuckle each time I replay the words to that parody about millennials. The one sung by a human beat box singing to the tune of Life Goes On. As entertaining and relatable as the lyrics may be, it misses one critical point, which is in fact the irony of it all. … Continue reading Razing Adults

Life’s Lessons

Our life’s experiences don’t always leave a sweet after taste, but it always strengthens our senses to appreciate so much that the less-trialled may take for granted. I sometimes come across individuals that are matured well beyond their years, and my thoughts are usually ambivalent about their state. Do I feel happy for them that … Continue reading Life’s Lessons

Intellectual Maturity

It disappoints me when people take as a personal attack alternate perspectives that I share on something that they’ve written. So many are far too quick to get defensive or feel picked on when in fact it really is simply an attempt at engaging.  Some have argued that if you take exception then you should … Continue reading Intellectual Maturity

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