What is wrong with society?

Society’s definition of “beautiful” is having a flat stomach, big boobs, big butt, long hair, and tan sexy skin. Because of this, teenagers don’t think they’re good enough anymore. They don’t think they’re being accepted. 10 year old girls think they’re fat. 11 year olds cut. 12 year olds stop eating. 13 year olds wake up in the morning and stare at themselves in the mirror; pointing out every little imperfection. Society is also teaching girls at a young age to wear mini skirts, short shorts, and belly shirts- which is now leading to sexual activity. 10 year olds being pressured into having a boyfriend. 11 year olds making out. 12 year olds giving head. 13 year olds aren’t virgins, and leading them to becoming an emotional wreck. Society is killing the teenager. Reblog this if you agree. Reblog this, if you’re willing to take the stand to do whatever it takes to change this.

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