Allow your children to be their own person

We always have good intentions when we strive to give our children everything that we didn’t have.

Often, this includes protecting them from the hardships or difficulties that we experienced.

Unfortunately, when we do this, we end up protecting them from reality, and in the process, we deny them the very life lessons that taught us to appreciate what we have.

This is one of the most common reasons for kids growing up to be timid, entitled, or disrespectful…or all of the above.

Hardships and difficulties are character building experiences.

Find a way that strikes a balance between allowing them to experience it, and providing guidance and support as they navigate their way through it.

Too many assume that hardship is a denial of a good life.

It’s not.

Allow them to earn their privileges so that they’ll experience gratitude and fulfilment when they achieve it.

Lastly, when you shy away from something that weighs you down, or you try to hide it from them, you’re teaching them to feel ashamed of getting things wrong, or failing at achieving goals.

That’s how we raise them with a value system that conflicts with the kind of humans that we want them to be.

Be mindful of your rule as a parent, but more than this, be mindful of your contribution as a human being.

It always starts with you.

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