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When one good thing ends, another begins

At the end of every road, a decision awaits.

Do we stop and remain focused on the road we just travelled, or do we choose a path beyond that road so that our journey continues?

If the road travelled was a difficult one, most focus on the difficulty and choose to protect themselves from such difficulty in future.

They’re the ones who grow weary about life, and place their happiness in the hands of others.

Life becomes a burden, and death a morbidly romantic destination.

But those who look back on that difficult journey and recognise how they managed to create something of beauty, experienced something amazing, or developed a sense of gratitude for the accomplishments that would otherwise not have been possible are the ones who look ahead with excitement and optimism.

They connect with their ability to live, despite the trials of life.

They connect with their ability to create happiness for others, rather than waiting for others to create it for them.

They realise that just as their journey was difficult up to that point, so too are the journeys that others travel equally difficult, if not more than the one that they’re on.

They connect with gratitude, and create space for joy because they know that what has passed only prepared them to create even greater things in the future.

Which of the two do you choose to be?

Fixate on the injustice or unfairness of the past, or appreciate your ability to prevail with joy into the future?

The choice is yours.

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Zaid Ismail

Author, life coach, and mental health activist. We need to change the narrative from disorders, illnesses, and survival to accountability, understanding, and thriving.

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