Happy Father’s Day

Father’s day. It might be one day of the year for others, but for father’s, every day is father’s day.

For those father’s who had to figure it out by themselves.

For those who are prevented from being fathers.

For those who think that they’re not enough.

And of course, for those women who had to step in for the sperm donors that didn’t step up.

Every day is your day, because you understand why you’re blessed to be able to shape the characters of innocent souls to be the best version of you.

To the sperm donors who think that their insecurities, or their needs are more important than showing up, consistently, for their children, I pray that you realise what harm you’re causing for yourself, as well as those innocents, by wallowing in self-pity instead of owning your shit.

Happy father’s day. If you were blessed with a guiding hand, and gentle wisdom to prepare you for your role as a father, make this day a celebration of the one who gave you such a wonderful start in life.

And use your blessings to pay it forward. This world needs it.

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