Exhale. Peace is within reach.

Wisdom is the re-finding of innocence.

We’re born innocent, but then life happens.

Almost imperceptibly, our innocence wanes, and our disappointment in life replaces it.

Focused on remedying our justified gripes with this world, we lose sight of our innocence that once brought us peace.

Our life then becomes a struggle to regain that peace, sometimes further contaminating our innocence in that effort.

Until, one day, quite by chance, we realise that peace lies in reconnecting with our innocence.

And innocence lies in relinquishing our justified claim for justice or retribution.

Our path then shifts from striving for peace, and instead, discovering why life happened the way that it did.

In discovering the why, the disappointment and bitterness recedes, and the space once occupied by innocence becomes available once more.

Thus, innocence is allowed back in, not because we pursued it, but because we allowed it to return.

Exhale, beloved. The breath you’ve been holding in, waiting for justice, is better spent exhaling the toxins that cloud your heart.

Let your heart rise. It knows how. We just need to stop weighing it down with expectations of those whose growth is not aligned with our own.

Exhale, beloved. A breath of peace awaits you.

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