Your perspective is your choice

Perspective is a choice, not an inheritance.

Improve your awareness of why you believe what you believe, and it will be possible to consciously choose what resonates with your personal value system, and discarding what doesn’t.

When we lose sight of why we hold the perspectives that we do, and those perspectives create a conflict within us, we feel an increase in stress and anger without always understanding why.

At those times, it’s easy to explain our emotional state by connecting it with our perspectives that are being challenged.

However, responding from a position of anger or defence because of a perceived attack on what we believe to be true is a defence mechanism.

We would have no reason to defend that which we believe is based on an objective truth.

The only way to achieve such a level of confidence in our perspectives and beliefs is by improving our self awareness, and thereby improving our ability to critically assess what we stand for, and why.

This will go a long way towards finding balance in life, and knowing which battles are worth fighting, and which are not.

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