Mental Wealth Challenge: Day 4

The previous day's challenge to walk outside turned out to be better than expected. A business meeting ended up on a little boat ride through a very serene and beautiful lake in perfect weather. Perhaps there is a lesson in that. Try a different approach and you could easily be pleasantly surprised. The problem is, … Continue reading Mental Wealth Challenge: Day 4

Bitter Sweet

One thing I could never relate to was the experience of shedding tears of joy. Not the tears that are spontaneously released at the end of a harrowing experience, but the tears that fall out of joy at the sound of good news or because of an unexpected blessing unrelated to a difficulty. The release … Continue reading Bitter Sweet

The one who loves less…

I once heard that the one who loves less is the one that controls the relationship. It sounds pretty obvious at face value, but it assumes that the expression of love is as obvious as well. It also assumes that the interpretation of control is in fact control and not influence. It assumes a lot. … Continue reading The one who loves less…

Soul Mates

That dreamy look you get when someone walks into the room can mean only one thing. Your soul mate has arrived. The way they smile, the way they shift their gaze down and left with that reflective look before they answer, or the way they throw their head back when they let out a hearty … Continue reading Soul Mates

When Love Fades

That first look, when eyes meet, minds align, that moment when you find yourself appreciating a random moment of beauty with a total stranger. In that moment your hearts connect, a yearning of a thousand years collides and it prompts a moment of unexpected euphoria that leaves your knees in search of support, and your … Continue reading When Love Fades

The Folly of Love (Part 2)

The previous post of the same title always felt incomplete, and most probably so will this one. There is another side to this concept of love that is almost entirely absent in our lives. Apart from the sincerity of gestures and goodwill towards each other, there is a bond that is established with each giving … Continue reading The Folly of Love (Part 2)

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