To be loved…

Love, without understanding, is mere infatuation.

To love, is to see the strength that created such beauty, not just to admire the beauty.

To love, is to caress the scar with a gentleness that honours the pain that caused it.

To love, is to see the pain that sometimes distorts the beauty, without devaluing the beauty.

To love, is to see, before needing to be seen.

The profession of love, without truly knowing who is being loved, is a profession of need, more than it is an embrace.

It is when our need to be understood by our beloved exceeds our desire to understand them first that love makes a silent exit, and entitlement replaces it.

To truly love, you must first seek to understand, because understanding demands that you pay attention to your beloved, before you feel a need to demand their attention for what you need instead.

Be loved. Be blessed.

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