That toxic status quo

When we are raised in an environment focused on discipline before purpose, or compliance before understanding, we develop the belief that fitting in is more important than what is right.

This same mindset leads us to be bullish in our efforts to uphold the status quo because of the inclusion that it offers, while violently rejecting any opinions that challenge our cultural heritage or traditions.

The need to belong, to be validated by that social structure smothers any passion to contribute towards improving anything, because we’re led to believe that our traditions have already perfected everything.

Thus, the unique expression of the individual is snuffed out, only to be replaced by a militancy of spirit that is celebrated as devout submission.

Critical thinking is abandoned in favour of academic prowess, and without realising it, indoctrination is readily believed to be higher education.

All this leads to the subservient mindset that needs permission before choosing consciously, or seeks permission before thinking independently.

That’s how cycles of abuse are maintained, and the unique contribution of the individual is seen as an offence against the collective.

Everyone must know their place to uphold a power structure that reveres the powerful, while enslaving the minds of the masses.

And that is how the masses, the average soul, grows to believe that unless they have permission to break the bleak and toxic cycles of their lives, they have no choice but to comply quietly for the greater good of society.

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