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Know your worth

How many of us spend our lives trying to convince turkeys that they’re eagles, and in the process, sabotage our own growth and happiness?

To quote another piece of old school wisdom, birds of a feather flock together.

If you don’t know your own nature, you will associate with those who are not aligned with your goals or your passion in life.

That’s the easiest way to embrace mediocrity while yearning for greatness.

Of course, the downside to that is that if you’re surrounded by turkeys, and you claim your space, you may find yourself embracing loneliness and isolation.

The conundrum of life.

I pray that you are born into a home, a family, or at least a community that shares your passion and inspires your growth.

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Zaid Ismail

Author, life coach, and mental health activist. We need to change the narrative from disorders, illnesses, and survival to accountability, understanding, and thriving.

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