The Lonely Path (II)

That incomplete thought process is hounding me. It feels as if the main point that I tried to convey in the first take on this subject eluded that entire post. The main point was simply this. Before I continue, I am well aware that me using the term simple when explaining what's going on in … Continue reading The Lonely Path (II)

The Path You Take

Share your story. A prompt that suggests so much. It suggests that we have a story worth sharing, but equally so, it suggests that there is an audience interested in our story. We all have a story to share. So much so that it is an accepted cliché when seeing untoward behaviour from some, or … Continue reading The Path You Take

Writer’s block sucks. So does the feeling of being philosophically constipated. I’m not even sure what that means, but I have this urge to want to write something meaningful about all the changes in my life recently, how it impacts me, and how it’s turned out relative to what I expected, but nothing. I’m anaemic. … Continue reading

Change is Imminent

eatandbeawesome: Here’s some poetry I wrote, cuz I was boredddd.  Asalaam Alaikum wa rahmatullah Bismillah You’ll have to excuse me I developed this with a quick pace so allow me some space as I translate the case of the mistaken race and the warfare we face As a community wrought with disunity under constant scrutiny … Continue reading Change is Imminent

The table cloth descending on Table Mountain in Cape Town, South Africa, with a stranded ship in the foreground. I photographed this ship shortly after it ran aground in a storm close to the shore, and went back there on my recent trip to see how it had fared in the stormy seas of the … Continue reading

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