Writer’s block sucks. So does the feeling of being philosophically constipated. I’m not even sure what that means, but I have this urge to want to write something meaningful about all the changes in my life recently, how it impacts me, and how it’s turned out relative to what I expected, but nothing. I’m anaemic. Continue Reading

Change is Imminent

eatandbeawesome: Here’s some poetry I wrote, cuz I was boredddd.  Asalaam Alaikum wa rahmatullah Bismillah You’ll have to excuse me I developed this with a quick pace so allow me some space as I translate the case of the mistaken race and the warfare we face As a community wrought with disunity under constant scrutiny Continue Reading

The table cloth descending on Table Mountain in Cape Town, South Africa, with a stranded ship in the foreground. I photographed this ship shortly after it ran aground in a storm close to the shore, and went back there on my recent trip to see how it had fared in the stormy seas of the Cape. 

It didn’t fare too well at all. It is a stark reminder of people that think that by standing still, nothing will change and they’ll be unaffected by life. No matter how firmly rooted we are in what we believe or how we see life, no matter how much we resist change, we will change. But in resisting it, that change will always be for the worst. 

A principled approach to being adaptable is what saves our sanity in the face of life’s storms.