Change is Imminent


Here’s some poetry I wrote, cuz I was boredddd. 

Asalaam Alaikum wa rahmatullah


You’ll have to excuse me I developed this with a quick pace so allow me some space as I translate the case of the mistaken race and the warfare we face

As a community wrought with disunity under constant scrutiny by our fearless enemies I feel the need to channel some energy and create some synergy

The last time I spoke of a story, it was one of glory, about a man of authority, the goal was to shuffle your inventory, you see our lives have become oh so regulatory.

In a constant state of reaction towards some illegal action, we’ve made ourselves a faction that serves as a distraction while the real villains roam with satisfaction

You didn’t need to show me that Find Kony was a phony, yet society seems to own me, and my mind is so lonely without the media to control me and so,

I resort to blogging on a social website about the battles I fight where on the same night I feel its my right to point out I’m right and the destruction I type on someone’s profile pic could make the Companions sick because im such a hypocrite.

You ask me about change on a global range, while you hold the reigns and lead the campaign of delivering pains to those you claim to love without blame.

You want rights brother, start respecting your mother.

You want respect sister, stop flirting with that mister

The key to revolution begins with evolution and dissolution of our primal confusion that requires a fusion of respect minus intrusion and a mental ablution so in CONCLUSION.

Implement moderation with a desire for education for that is the foundation that leads to the equation for a united nation

Change is Imminent

I really enjoyed this on different levels and thought it worth sharing. 🙂

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