Respond with poetry

Responding in kind to the trials of life only gives those trials more power.Instead, be the eternal romantic.Look for the starry sky in the darkness, or the glow of the sunshine behind those grey clouds.Romance is not about sharing a moment with another.Romance is about embracing a moment for yourself despite the ugly around you.Be [...]

Forgotten bones

Sullen heartTainted soulExhausted spiritFar from homeA journey longA stranger loneBroken promisesForgotten bones Cryptic poetry from a cryptic soulFor each to takeWhat echoes with their own...Photo credit : Adobe Stock #authorsofinstagram #poetry #spilledink

Restless souls write

Restless souls writeAnxious souls readComplacent souls pay no heedAnd then there's me. Fitting uncomfortably in each space, while not fitting in at all. There's a blessing in being anomalous. It spares us the slavery of living by rules. But blessings don't occur without burdens, and the burden of being anomalous is the restlessness that it [...]