Restless souls write

Restless souls write

Anxious souls read

Complacent souls pay no heed

And then there’s me. Fitting uncomfortably in each space, while not fitting in at all.

There’s a blessing in being anomalous. It spares us the slavery of living by rules.

But blessings don’t occur without burdens, and the burden of being anomalous is the restlessness that it spawns.

As we look around for familiarity, but only find much to scorn, we see the drudgery of the complacent and the fear of the anxious.

And in that is born our restlessness that stirs us from our sleep.

Once you’ve tasted the sweetness of living, existing feels like a curse. And once you’ve tasted the beauty of love, its absence feels like…nothing…it feels like nothing at all.

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