Respectfully dishonest

This is especially true for our relationships with ourselves, more than it reflects on our relationships with others.

We disrespect ourselves when we avoid truths that feel shameful or disappointing about who we are.

That shame or disappointment that we feel is because we’re looking at ourselves through other people’s eyes, or at least what we think they would think of us if they knew what we’re hiding within.

We respect ourselves when we focus on understanding rather than judging why we’re not being true to the standard that we want to live up to.

But that standard must be our own aspiration, and not a standard defined by society or anyone else.

Someone else may suggest or advise on what is worth pursuing, but we must adopt that as our own aspiration, with conviction, or else we’ll again judge ourselves to be a success or a failure when we exert ourselves towards achieving that goal.

If you’re dishonest with yourself or with others, then respect is no longer part of that interaction.

Take time to reflect and recalibrate your efforts, and leave the judgement to those who will judge regardless of your best efforts towards them.

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