That Book I Promised for So Long

For years now, I've been contemplating writing that book. It started, stopped, started, and stopped again...and ran through that cycle a few more times. A couple of years ago I finally gave it meaningful consideration and started out with a collection of essays that I thought would be a reasonable first stab at that book. … Continue reading That Book I Promised for So Long

To Write the Wrong

I recently set out in earnest to write the book that I've been threatening to write for so many years now. The better part of the last few years was spent contemplating whether or not I had anything of real value to add to the clutter out there. This was easily over shadowed by whether … Continue reading To Write the Wrong

The Betrayal of Pain

As a child, I recall idyllic holidays in the heartland of Kwazulu Natal. A small farm town with only basic amenities, and a farm with an abundance of natural intrigue, even more than beauty. These are two destinations that merge into one in my mind when I reminisce about the long drives down the rugged … Continue reading The Betrayal of Pain

Defining Moments

I’ve often mulled over the idea of one day listing the moments that I believe defined me in ways I often still don’t fully understand. The images that flash through my mind when I contemplate those defining moments are often not scenes of hope and happiness, but most often they’re scenes of struggles, pain, isolation, … Continue reading Defining Moments

Nostalgic Recollections

I spent the better part of my youth in an Indian township south of Johannesburg, so this feeling of community and familiarity with your neighbours was something that I enjoyed well into my twenties. I miss those days a lot and still find myself struggling to find ways to bring back some of that old … Continue reading Nostalgic Recollections

From Virtual to Reality

I launched a new forum at the office this week. It's called the Thought Leadership Forum. I know, it sounds clichéd, and it probably is. But that is the extent of the cliché. I've often felt frustrated at the lack of real life engagement about the many ideas and philosophies that I debate at length … Continue reading From Virtual to Reality

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