We leave things behind because we find them unpleasant, not because we find them endearing or cherish-able. The same is true for relationships. Perhaps this is why it is more difficult to recall the good times when you focused on the bad times for so long. Idealism can taint judgement and spawn good intentions that are disastrous at times. Good intentions don't always result in wholesome outcomes. Sometimes it causes more destruction than any bad intention ever could.
For years now, I’ve been contemplating writing that book. It started, stopped, started, and stopped again…and ran through that cycle […]
I recently set out in earnest to write the book that I’ve been threatening to write for so many years […]
As a child, I recall idyllic holidays in the heartland of Kwazulu Natal. A small farm town with only basic […]
I’ve often mulled over the idea of one day listing the moments that I believe defined me in ways I […]
I spent the better part of my youth in an Indian township south of Johannesburg, so this feeling of community […]