Do you matter to you?

To be of consequence, or to feel significant, lies at the heart of our inspiration to accomplish anything.

When we connect with conviction to the significance of who we are, and what value we add to the lives of others, we achieve a sense of peace and contentment.

But, when we doubt this, we set out in search of validation through observing how others respond to our efforts to improve their lives. To make them happy.

If we’re fortunate, we’ll find ourselves surrounded by those who willingly and sincerely acknowledge our contribution and our place in their lives.

If we aren’t fortunate enough to have such people around us, we’ll lose ourselves in our efforts to be enough for them, without realising that they’re also not enough for themselves.

It’s an empty cup trying to fill a broken one, where the one who is giving is depleted, and the one receiving is distracted by their own demons.

Chronic illnesses set in, accompanied by rage that is often directed at the self, because we didn’t realise the value of who we are, while hoping to be validated by those who were distracted by their own self-loathing.

Thus, the joys of life are traded for servitude and a living martyrdom, hanging onto faith by a feeble thread, praying that our sacrifices and self-deprecation will be rewarded with everlasting peace when this harsh reality finally ends.

That’s how we harm ourselves long before we allow anyone else to harm us.

Worse still, we forget that through self-loathing, we withhold the best of who we are for the innocents around us, and end up giving them reason to believe that they were never good enough to bring out the best in us either.

That’s how generational trauma is passed down.

It’s not because of what was done to us, but rather because of how we see ourselves through the eyes
of those for whom we were never enough.

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