Invest in hope

When you're lost on a journey, do you keep driving around in circles hoping that your destination will miraculously arrive, or do you try a different route until you find it?Or do you sit behind the wheel and judge yourself for being a bad driver because you're on the wrong road? If you do, does [...]

Don’t label your struggle

Mental health is about hope. The more hope we have for experiencing joy tomorrow, the better our mental health today.The human experience is not an illness.The best way to protect your mental health is by recognising your humanness.Don't allow your reality to be labelled as something more than your experience of the ups and downs [...]

Sadly depressed

Depression sets in when we look for signs of hope in those things that are important to us, but find none.It doesn't mean that there is no hope for anything in our life. It just means that what we choose as a defining relationship or experience to reflect our significance provides us with no reason [...]