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  • The impossible dream

    The impossible dream

    When home is elusive, the world feels ominous. A journey to a place you’ve never been holds the promise of peace, despite never having known what peace feels like. It’s a cry of the soul, in tones and words that no one seems to understand. But you keep crying, and you keep trying, because something […]

  • In search of home

    In search of home

    Gratitude lays the foundation of the home. Respect builds its walls. Love and compassion provides the roof that protects you from the storm. And passion gives you the windows to allow your soul to breathe. As for faith…faith is the door that opens the path to all of it. Virtues have limited effect or value […]

  • Home

    They say home is where the heart is. Given how absent most of us are, would that make us homeless? My heart always tends to yearn for something more than it has. A moment in time, an emotional connection, or a place with a specific ambiance and scent. Whenever I get nostalgic, those are typically the scenes […]

  • scissorsandthread: Marble Fence | The Wool Acorn Such a simple DIY but so effective. Who would have thought a drill and some marbles could transform an old tired fence into something magical?! Just imagine how gorgeous it would be when the sun hits the fence in the dusk? I wish I had a wooden fence […]

  • micasaessucasa: (via desire to inspire – desiretoinspire.net – Blog favourites of the week) Oh, the serenity! I can almost feel it.  (Source: http://www.desiretoinspire.net/blog/2011/3/20/blog-favourites-of-the-week.html)