Forever hopeful

Hope is born in moments when you have no reason to believe in the moment that is to follow, but something good unexpectedly lands in your lap.

It’s born when that unexpected call changes your life for the better.

It’s born when that stranger smiled an understanding smile in that moment that you thought the world was oblivious to your presence.

It’s born when you wake in the morning and discover that despite your worst premonitions, you have a good day.

Hope can be torturous when the events of your life have given you little reason to believe that the good that you experience will last for more than a fleeting moment.

But, knowing that it’s possible for it to last beyond that brief period of joy is what makes it impossible to ignore the hope that bubbles beneath the surface.

Hope is faith. And faith is hope.

Both are intricately woven into the fabric of our struggles.

When we focus on our struggles only, we lose sight of all those moments that planted the seeds of hope in our hearts so many lifetimes before the present moment.

In forgetting, we burden ourselves with more than the burdens of life. We burden ourselves with the burden of ingratitude as well.

Focus on hope, and faith will have your back.

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It’s not yet time to quit

Inspiration…if it came easily, it wouldn’t really be inspired, it would be convenient.

It’s in those moments when everything we want to take for granted is not available that we are pushed to consider the impossible as a possibility.

That’s when we dig really deep.

That’s when we abandon convention.

That’s when what we question the limits that we assumed were unconquerable, and attack it with a ferocity that reveals its irrelevance.

Inspiration is what we discover at the end of exhaustion, when giving up is not an option.

Don’t stop.

Keep pushing.

Keep believing.

Your dream is within reach.

Just don’t stop reaching for it.

#hope #expectation #sincerity #optimism #perseverance #motivation #goals #ambition #success #selfawareness #selfrespect #mindfulness #inspiration #ownyourshit #ownyourlife #theegosystem #mentalhealth #mentalhealthawareness #mentalhealthrecovery #zaidismail

More than a wish

Wishing it’s a sunny day when it’s raining is not going to make the sun come out.

Leaving your umbrella behind is therefore an act of foolishness, not optimism.

Optimism without evidence or action, or both, is a delusion we use to cope with an unpleasant reality.

Wishing away reality only allows that unpleasantness to fester and gain momentum, because natural cycles that are not disrupted by deliberate action will continue to grow in strength.

Let your optimism be based on your belief in the effectiveness of your efforts, not in wishes that have no support in becoming real.

And faith, of course. But faith is the basis of optimism, and faith, without effort, is simply wishful thinking.

Start by taking action, and then have faith that your action will create opportunities to achieve your goals.

Do this, and optimism will take care of itself.

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Dare to dream

When we pursue the impossible, we achieve the unbelievable.

But, we’re often so distracted by how impossible our goal might appear, that we lose sight of everything that its pursuit offers us.

Fortune cookie wisdom tells us that it’s the journey that matters, not the destination.

Yet, we lose sight of the growth that the journey offers, and give up the pursuit of a seemingly impossible destination.

Today is a good day to take that step towards that impossible dream that you’ve been courting with for so long.

No time like the present, right?

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That Book I Promised for So Long

For years now, I’ve been contemplating writing that book. It started, stopped, started, and stopped again…and ran through that cycle a few more times. A couple of years ago I finally gave it meaningful consideration and started out with a collection of essays that I thought would be a reasonable first stab at that book.

I reworked it, reformatted it, and did all sorts of things with it, until early this year when I decided to rewrite it from scratch. What was to be a collection of essays morphed into my obsession called The Egosystem. It is the distilled wisdom of everything I have been writing about for more than 10 years on this and other blogs.

The Egosystem finally gives a shape and a form to the thought processes that I go through day in and day out, which informs my observations, insights, and quirks about life, love, and laughter. It takes the reader through a gentle process of unpacking the way our emotions are strung together, without being prescriptive, or presumptuous in the process. It simply lays bare the inner workings of our minds, so that we can become aware of why we are the way we are. It is only once this realisation is achieved that we can hope to make more informed and effective decisions about which path we wish to take.

Until we reach this point of awareness, we are simply responding to subconscious triggers and emotional needs without truly embracing the power of being present in the moments that shape our lives. The Egosystem is the foundation of who we are as human beings, and defines in a non-academic way, a synopsis of the human condition that wears so many of us down.

I hope that this will be the first of many books that I write, because after completing this piece of work I cannot imagine myself doing anything else with such conviction. The application of The Egosystem is so versatile that it spawns variations that are begging to be explored. One of those that must receive attention soonest is how the Egosystem plays out in failed relationships specifically, and the disastrous effect that such failures often have on innocent children caught up in the sway as collateral damage.

Perhaps, in some strange way, it is a calling that I needed to answer given my first hand experiences at such human dysfunction. This was a book that was begging to be written, and it feels like it has defined the beginning of a whole new journey in my life. A journey that may make the sum of my experiences to date nothing more than reference material for the true purpose of my being.

I hope that you will find familiarity and insight in The Egosystem, and that it will allow you to take back control of your emotions, your life,  and your love. Whether it be for another, for some material objective, or for a creative passion. Living through such endeavours without being able to fully immerse yourself in it can be a very unsettling experience. It taints the product of our labour, and further weighs down on the clutter that keeps us distracted in the back of our minds.

Living with conviction and loving with sincerity. It the greatest gift we could give ourselves, and the ones we love, because anything less is cheating life while death approaches.

To get your copy, please find details of the book on the page dedication to The Egosystem on this blog, or on my main website at

Thank you to everyone that has followed, and often shared my journey to this point over the years. With gratitude, Zaid.