Growth is inevitable

This was an important realisation that has carried me through many difficult experiences in life.

What’s even more important to realise is that when we choose a positive growth for ourselves, there is no guarantee that the people around us will choose the same.

Don’t back down from being a better version of you because of it.

All you can do is try to inspire them to be better as well. But the final choice will always be theirs to make.

Trials are there to teach us lessons about what we previously took for granted.

With it, comes a greater level of awareness.

Awareness carries with it a responsibility to either contribute more, or to apply yourself in better ways. That’s how growth takes place.

When you resist such growth, you grow in defensiveness. So you’re effectively exchanging positive growth for negative growth.

Growth is therefore inevitable. You only get to decide in which direction it takes you.

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