Never stop chasing

The thing about chasing dreams, is that it’s our dreams.

As obvious as that seems, we rarely recognise that no one else will ever have a view of our dreams the way that we have it even if we describe it to them in detail.

They will visualise it within the context of their lives and limitations.

By chasing our dreams with conviction, we must connect with the value that will be created when we achieve those dreams.

It’s that value that will give us the tenacity and resilience to push beyond the doubts and cynicism of those we encounter on our journey.

To believe in that value, you must believe in yourself.

Believing in yourself means to develop an informed opinion of who you are, despite what the world may think of you. Because, again, the opinions that others have of you is based on the context and limitations that they see in their lives, not in yours.

Stop waiting for permission to chase your dreams. Like Barry Hilton said, “It’s your dream to lose.”

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