Gratitude, the root of peace

As long as you have gratitude in your heart, you will always find opportunities instead of problems in your life.Gratitude allows us to focus on what's good, and realise how much worse things could be.It encourages appreciation for what we have instead of envy for what we don't have.Most importantly, it recognises the blessings that [...]

When Family and Friends Collide

Being torn between my loyalties towards family versus friends was never pleasant. I recall specific events where I was treated with disdain after returning from an afternoon with a friend in my neighbourhood. It was not just from my father, it was pretty much from the whole family. Having a social life seemed wrong, and [...]


I've found that the most unassuming leaders and role models are the ones with the greatest impact. They are not the ones that are celebrated from the pulpits. In fact, from the pulpits is where you will find them despised or judged. But that is not a testament to their being, instead it is an [...]