The forgotten village idiot

This essay has been playing on my mind a lot lately.

Covid-19 has revealed the true nature of many, which only served to reinforce this notion.

Who puts a smile on the face of the village idiot?

The saddest part of this essay is that most who read the title thought it to be humorous.

From my book The Egosystem, it explores our relationship with those who give selflessly, while being forgotten.

This pandemic has highlighted the forgotten and the taken-for-granted, and it has diminished further the roles of others who are not deemed essential through need, but who maintain the wellbeing and spirit of others through quiet contribution.

I’ve always considered what this world would feel like if we didn’t label the purpose or the need that we have of others, and instead we were compelled to choose very deliberately each time what it is that we value about another before we are able to obtain benefit from them.

Would that be the cure for the pandemic of consumerism? Would it finally rid us of our inclination to see people as a means to an end?

Or is even that an ideal so far fetched that only the most naive would buy into it?

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