Selflessly selfish

We’re only as selfless as our need to serve.

But our need to serve is the greatest form of selfishness that we can offer the world.

We’ve heard it all before. There is nothing so selfless that it is not selfish.

We serve our ego when we serve others.

Or perhaps the one that connects the most is that we need validation for our goodness, and that’s why we give of ourselves.

Either way, we wouldn’t offer ourselves to others if we didn’t believe that we had something of value to share with them.

Similarly, we wouldn’t want to share something of value if there wasn’t a part of us that wanted to see them benefit from that value that we may be able to create for them.

Let our selfishness be our need to serve others. Even if our ego is stroked in the process, let it not be stroked at the expense of their dignity, and let us not be fulfilled at the expense of our humility.

And never let self doubt prevent you from sharing the unique gift of who you are with the world.

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