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  • Fleeting Thoughts X

    Fleeting Thoughts X

    If I were to write without restraint, would you see my soul or judge my sanity? Sanity is elusive when it competes with the heart. The heart is not satiated by the intellect, and the intellect cannot reason with the heart. They both swim in their own orbits. Like the sun and the moon, each […]

  • Selflessly selfish

    Selflessly selfish

    We’re only as selfless as our need to serve. But our need to serve is the greatest form of selfishness that we can offer the world. We’ve heard it all before. There is nothing so selfless that it is not selfish. We serve our ego when we serve others. Or perhaps the one that connects […]

  • Don’t celebrate the victim

    Don’t celebrate the victim

    Can you tell the difference between those who want to improve versus those who want others to see how brave their struggle is? When you wear your heart on your sleeve, it weakens you because your struggle grows to define you. If you’re not careful, the sympathy you get from going through a struggle can […]

  • Choose your advisors carefully

    Choose your advisors carefully

    Be careful about advice that makes you feel good but doesn’t resolve anything. Things that make us feel good either provides us with an emotional high and feeds our ego, or with a spiritual high and feeds our soul. When we strike a healthy balance between the two, we find peace. So, be careful of […]

  • Escaping emotionally abusive homes

    Escaping emotionally abusive homes

    Trigger warning. Unpopular opinion. Tough love ahead. It’s not drugs that steal our children from us. Like us, they also need to feel significant. Taking drugs is not just a bad habit. It’s a means to escape what we don’t want to deal with in the world around us. Is it a bad decision? Absolutely. […]

  • The single parent challenge

    The single parent challenge

    This is a burning issue. I won’t be surprised if we have more single-parent homes than we have two-parent homes these days. In fact, even many two-parent homes are run like a single-parent home because one of the partners are either uninterested, emotionally unavailable, or simply a delinquent child themselves. The crisis is much worse […]

  • Don’t try to be better than others

    Don’t try to be better than others

    The sooner you realise that you’re different from everyone else, the sooner you’ll be able to define your own path. The most pervasive limiting belief that I encounter in others is the belief that they’re not as good as others. If we stop and pay attention for a brief moment, we’ll realise that it’s not […]

  • Taking Care of MeĀ 

    In a self indulgent world, distortions of reality threaten to taint the essentials that hold our sanity together. The essentials are so much more difficult to recognise these days. This binary lifestyle that we’ve perpetuated for so long now insists that if we take care of ourselves, it must be to the exclusion of taking […]