Escaping emotionally abusive homes

Trigger warning. Unpopular opinion. Tough love ahead.

It’s not drugs that steal our children from us. Like us, they also need to feel significant.

Taking drugs is not just a bad habit. It’s a means to escape what we don’t want to deal with in the world around us.

Is it a bad decision? Absolutely. Because escaping something never resolves it, it only defers it to a later time.

But, we cannot give what we don’t have. So we can’t give understanding if we don’t understand ourselves.

Escapism is the pastime of the masses, that’s why we have little to no communication in homes that centre around technology or social media, leaving the young ones struggling to find a space in which they belong, physically and emotionally.

The emotional connection that they then forge with fellow escapees is what makes drugs the escape of choice.

If we treat them as addicts, they will behave like addicts. If we deny what is lacking in their emotional make up, we’ll deny ourselves the opportunity to address it.

It’s never easy. Because we can’t give what we don’t have. That’s why we must invest in ourselves so that we are capable of doing right by those around us. What is your escape?

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