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  • A sacred trust

    A sacred trust

    Mark Twain once said something about there being two days that are important in your life. The day you’re born, and the day you find out why. I think there’s a third day that matters as much as the other two. The day you realise that your why only matters to you, and no one […]

  • A brain dump

    A brain dump

    My inclination to write within the context of a universal experience feels insincere and superficial at times. To want to write at all feels like a self indulgent rant or feathering of my own cap. I’ve abandoned more manuscripts and drafts of old manuscripts these past few weeks than I have all my life. The […]

  • Don’t celebrate the victim

    Don’t celebrate the victim

    Can you tell the difference between those who want to improve versus those who want others to see how brave their struggle is? When you wear your heart on your sleeve, it weakens you because your struggle grows to define you. If you’re not careful, the sympathy you get from going through a struggle can […]

  • Choose your advisors carefully

    Choose your advisors carefully

    Be careful about advice that makes you feel good but doesn’t resolve anything. Things that make us feel good either provides us with an emotional high and feeds our ego, or with a spiritual high and feeds our soul. When we strike a healthy balance between the two, we find peace. So, be careful of […]

  • Choose your reality

    Choose your reality

    When our circumstances appear unchangeable, we must change our perspective. If we don’t, neither will change. Perception shapes our reality, because we can always create an alternate reality, but we can never change reality itself. When we look at something and feel overwhelmed by it, we generally find ourselves choosing between two things. We either […]

  • Don’t just stay home – introspect

    Don’t just stay home – introspect

    It’s a time to rediscover what we lost when we were taking ourselves for granted. This might sound weird, but consider for a second that it’s in taking ourselves for granted that we find reason to take others for granted. In doing so, we take things around us for granted and end up committing excesses […]

  • Escaping emotionally abusive homes

    Escaping emotionally abusive homes

    Trigger warning. Unpopular opinion. Tough love ahead. It’s not drugs that steal our children from us. Like us, they also need to feel significant. Taking drugs is not just a bad habit. It’s a means to escape what we don’t want to deal with in the world around us. Is it a bad decision? Absolutely. […]

  • Worship me

    Worship me

    Don’t use religion to elevate your ego. By doing so, you use God to worship your ego, rather than subduing your ego to worship God. The appearance of religiosity in others misleads many to assume that they possess piety. Piety cannot be measured through outward appearance, only through experiencing a sincerity of action. Sincerity, if […]