Don’t just stay home – introspect

It’s a time to rediscover what we lost when we were taking ourselves for granted.

This might sound weird, but consider for a second that it’s in taking ourselves for granted that we find reason to take others for granted.

In doing so, we take things around us for granted and end up committing excesses that harm us, and the environment around us.

And then we look everywhere else but within ourselves to understand what went wrong.

Let your lock down period be time to reconnect with what you once appreciated about yourself, and then use that as a reminder to appreciate what you once loved about others around you.

The world is struggling because of the harshness that exists between us, long before it is impacted by how that harshness plays out in what we take without giving back.

Start here. Treat yourself kindly, but with good reason. You’ll only discover that good reason when you seek to understand before you judge. Yourself, and others.

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