I walked away from a seven figure salary to pursue this dream of mine. The people around me thought I was crazy, and many still do, but I know what I'm passionate about. That is, empowering people to rise above the constraints of their upbringing! In a nutshell, that is my calling in life. To inspire and guide others towards embracing the enormous potential that they have within them.
There is a consistent thread that runs through the seemingly downtrodden of society. It’s a thread that rallies the masses […]
When I was a kid, I remember my only concern when I got sick was how soon could I go […]
Brain dumps are therapeutic, if you do it right. It allows a release, an unstructured release of the clouds that […]
http://ethicalnag.org/2009/11/09/nejm-editor/ In case you thought it was safe to trust your doctor, or pharmacist, you can’t. Not because they’re dishonest, […]
My biggest contention with modern medicine is that it provides, at best, a good intervention strategy but rarely encourages a […]