Emotional health before physical wellbeing

As well-intentioned as this is, it is not true.Our body does not have a mind of its own.And laziness is not about the amount of rest that we need.As is clearly experienced by many, getting enough rest most certainly does not guarantee productivity. Nor does it remedy procrastination.So what is laziness about? And does it [...]

Naturally you…only more beautiful

Sometimes, we grow so fixated on our appearance that we forget that it's that very fixation that causes blemishes.Our bodies are most at balance and ease when our emotional balance is optimal.There is no single definition of what optional means because we're all unique in what we take from life, and what we aspire to [...]

Saving my insanity

Sometimes I write to share my insanity, but sometimes I write to save it.When everything about the world feels unnatural, sanity offers no relief.Besides, like Vonnegut said, "A sane person, when compared to an insane society, will appear insane."I have often considered myself that lone voice of sanity, and in that assumption, I found myself [...]

Don’t just stay home – introspect

It's a time to rediscover what we lost when we were taking ourselves for granted.This might sound weird, but consider for a second that it's in taking ourselves for granted that we find reason to take others for granted.In doing so, we take things around us for granted and end up committing excesses that harm [...]

Insomnia, Anxiety, Mental Clutter – Be gone

Here's a technique that I developed many years ago when insomnia was a friend of mine. I've since found it to be very effective for not just insomnia, but also for anxiety, mental clutter, or just overall peace of mind. When you feel anxious or frustrated, or if you're struggling to focus, try this out and let me know how it works for you. This technique is discussed in more detail in my book titled Own Your Sh!t.