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  • Own your prejudice

    Own your prejudice

    While I can’t take credit for the poster, the message in the poster is 100% on point. If you find this offensive, I offer life coaching at very reasonable rates aimed at helping you to own your prejudices. We need to support women instead of accommodating wayward men. The same applies for boys who think […]

  • Kill the label. Kill the stigma.

    Kill the label. Kill the stigma.

    ⚠ Trigger Warning ⚠ The moment we attach a label to a life experience, we focus on the label and discard the merits of the experience. We make people invisible when we deny the reality of their experience by suggesting that there is something clinically wrong with them, despite causality of their emotional upheaval being […]

  • Emotional wellbeing, not mental health

    Emotional wellbeing, not mental health

    It is only through our internal wars that we lose sight of reality. The culture of labeling people dehumanises the very human that is struggling with their humanness. We focus on our demons so intently, that we become defined by them, bearing them patiently in quiet shame, protecting ourselves from being exposed for what we […]

  • A simple smile is all it takes

    A simple smile is all it takes

    Discover something amazing about your emotional wellbeing by Googling the science of a smile. The obvious part from your research will reveal that it is the choice to smile, and not having a good reason to smile, that releases feel-good hormones into your brain. Therefore, a physical smile, even without good reason, raises your mood […]

  • Emotional health before physical wellbeing

    Emotional health before physical wellbeing

    As well-intentioned as this is, it is not true. Our body does not have a mind of its own. And laziness is not about the amount of rest that we need. As is clearly experienced by many, getting enough rest most certainly does not guarantee productivity. Nor does it remedy procrastination. So what is laziness […]

  • Naturally you…only more beautiful

    Naturally you…only more beautiful

    Sometimes, we grow so fixated on our appearance that we forget that it’s that very fixation that causes blemishes. Our bodies are most at balance and ease when our emotional balance is optimal. There is no single definition of what optional means because we’re all unique in what we take from life, and what we […]