Here's a technique that I developed many years ago when insomnia was a friend of mine. I've since found it to be very effective for not just insomnia, but also for anxiety, mental clutter, or just overall peace of mind. When you feel anxious or frustrated, or if you're struggling to focus, try this out and let me know how it works for you. This technique is discussed in more detail in my book titled Own Your Sh!t.
Brain dumps are therapeutic, if you do it right. It allows a release, an unstructured release of the clouds that […]
It’s so interesting (read ‘entertaining’) to note how people convince themselves that everything is solved through faith and struggle. It’s […] In case you thought it was safe to trust your doctor, or pharmacist, you can’t. Not because they’re dishonest, […]
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My biggest contention with modern medicine is that it provides, at best, a good intervention strategy but rarely encourages a […]