A simple smile is all it takes

Discover something amazing about your emotional wellbeing by Googling the science of a smile.

The obvious part from your research will reveal that it is the choice to smile, and not having a good reason to smile, that releases feel-good hormones into your brain.

Therefore, a physical smile, even without good reason, raises your mood and overall sense of wellbeing.

The not-so-obvious part is that this confirms that our thoughts and decisions precede the chemical response from our brain.

The reason this is critically important is because it confirms that the chemical balance in our brain does not predict our emotional disposition, or our mood. It reflects how we feel.

Don’t believe me? Research it for yourself, and you’ll discover that there is no science to support the theory of chemical imbalance being the cause of emotional duress.

Your emotional duress is due to a legitimate experience that weighs you down.

The moment you blame chemical balances for how you feel, you give up your ability to own your emotions, and to own your life.

The difference between being a victim of life and being grateful for the life that you have lies in understanding why you feel the way that you do, rather than judging yourself for being inadequate for not having a happy or content disposition.

Change the way you see yourself, and the way you experience your life will change.

It always starts with you.

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