Happiness is…finally connecting with someone that you’ve secretly admired, not necessarily in a romantic way, without having done anything to deliberately prompt the interaction. Cynically Jaded


Drakensburg mountain range in KZN (South Africa) The only word that comes to mind when trying to describe the view I recently took in on a mountain pass through the Drakensburg range is what my 5 year old daughter used to describe every awe-inspiring thought, sight or experience she was exposed to. Awesome! What wasn't [...]

Not Quite A Shakespearean Sonnet

Love's sweet embraceHow do I love thee?I cannot count the ways.Not the fluttering in my heart,Nor the shortness in my breath,Nor the lightness in my step,Not even the sparkle in my eyes at the thought of you,Or the elation in my soul at the sound of your sweet smile,None of this will ever truly hint [...]

I Live For Her

Words often fail me when my heart is overwhelmed. It seems that only my arms could ever express my true yearning for her, and only my lips would be able to provide an indication of the passion that I feel when I think of her. She is, and always has been, from the moment I [...]