Not Quite A Shakespearean Sonnet

Love’s sweet embrace

How do I love thee?
I cannot count the ways.
Not the fluttering in my heart,
Nor the shortness in my breath,
Nor the lightness in my step,
Not even the sparkle in my eyes at the thought of you,
Or the elation in my soul at the sound of your sweet smile,
None of this will ever truly hint at how much I love thee.

Perhaps a hug,
No, an enshrouding embrace with a lingering caress of your lips
may shed some light into the depth of my love.
But even then, the truth of my love will still remain untold.

For I love thee like I’ve loved no other,
And I live for thee, which I’ve never done for another.
So you must love me,
And you must cherish me,
And you must hold me,
And never leave me.
For if you do, it will destroy me,
And neither you nor I will ever be blessed with such a love again.

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