Emotional health before physical wellbeing

As well-intentioned as this is, it is not true.

Our body does not have a mind of its own.

And laziness is not about the amount of rest that we need.

As is clearly experienced by many, getting enough rest most certainly does not guarantee productivity. Nor does it remedy procrastination.

So what is laziness about? And does it actually exist?

Laziness is how we describe the behaviour that we observe or experience when someone lacks the inclination to complete a task or project.

The question we should therefore be asking is not why are we lazy? Or why our body supposedly needs rest. We should be questioning why we’re not committed to the task at hand.

When we don’t believe in the value of the outcome relative to the effort that we need to put into something, chances are good that we’ll avoid it until we can’t avoid it any longer.

Otherwise we’ll do it only if there is a threat of negative consequences for not doing it.

Don’t detach your emotional space from your physical experience. Your body responds to your emotional disposition, it doesn’t define it.

When we lose sight of this, we eee illness or dis-ease taking hold in our body, and we feel emotionally burdened because of it, rather than focusing on our emotional duress that we may be experiencing up to that point, and understanding that our body is simply responding to that duress.

It sounds more complicated than it is. The important take-away from this is that when you experience lethargy or ailments in your body, it’s a sign that you’ve been under emotional duress for an extended period.

Medication may provide temporary relief. But it won’t address the emotional duress, leaving you susceptible to more ailments taking hold in your body.

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