Elusive peace…

Peace…that elusive mist that needs to enshroud everything.

Its absence creates the need to change the circumstances of our lives, so that we leave no space for nothing, needing every space to be filled with something.

Some look to fill those spaces with trinkets and tokens.

Others look to fill it with purposeful endeavours.

But central to both, lies the need to benefit someone in our efforts to avoid being no one.

Without that someone, we remain unfulfilled and incomplete.

Similar to the nothingness in the absence of peace.

Because life must be lived, and living must leave a legacy.

But a legacy ceases to be a legacy if it has no inheritors at the moment of our passing.

This primal instinct to be something is what drives our efforts towards avoiding being nothing.

The threat of which is the root to losing ourselves to the distraction of everything, when we lose hope of ever being something…to someone…but not just anyone.

Thus, the test of gratitude enters, as we reject some in our pursuit of others, never knowing for certain the impact we have on the lives that we touch.

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