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  • That Hyper Acidity Demon

    I’ve been struggling with hyper-acidity for a few years now. Like most illnesses, I prefer to take the holistic approach to addressing it rather than the instant gratification approach that calls for pills and reckless abandon in modern medicine. So over the years, I observed various tendencies within myself that seem to trigger the acidity […]

  • Another Anon but same OCD…

    I have to wash my hands sticf´tfully and sometime more than two times and it injures my skin. If I take a shower I don’t really feel the need to be strict with my body but my hands always have to be clean. Or if I feel like something that touched my pubic area(awra) I […]

  • yesterdaysareoftenindigo answered your question: Sexual Orientation But you dont genetically like/dislike Mushrooms and you dont choose to like/dislike them its neither a choice or genes its a developed taste. Sometimes it’s a developed taste because we seek variety, and other times it’s a craving that our bodies have because we need the specific nutritional value […]

  • Sexual Orientation

    Or should that be ‘sectual orientation’? Someone used this term when asking me about my religious persuasion, but I think it applies in this case as well. After researching this topic for some time, and having been exposed to many people that identify as ‘Gay’, my original views remain consistent. Homosexuality is a choice, and […]

  • You could double the number of synaptic connections in a very simple neurocircuit as a result of experience and learning. The reason for that was that long-term memory alters the expression of genes in nerve cells, which is the cause of the growth of new synaptic connections. When you see that at the cellular level, […]

  • Alternate view about cancer treatment

    : muhammadkhairyfarhan: LATEST CANCER INFORMATIONAFTER YEARS OF TELLING… muhammadkhairyfarhan: and there you go. from the student of medicine herself. 🙂ilikeireblog: muhammadkhairyfarhan: LATEST CANCER INFORMATIONAFTER YEARS OF TELLING PEOPLE CHEMOTHERAPY IS THE ONLY WAY TO TRY AND ELIMINATE CANCER, JOHNS HOPKINS IS FINALLY STARTING TO TELL YOU THERE IS AN ALTERNATIVE WAY …[Cancer Update from Johns […]

  • If I had it my way

    Bipolar Disorder would be called Bipolar Personality. You could be so colourfully delightful if you just weren’t so extreme. Obsessive Compulsive Disorder would be renamed as Obsessively Impulsive, since chances are good that you’re mostly giving in to impulse and ignoring reason because at times we all feel like we don’t give a damn, and […]