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But you dont genetically like/dislike Mushrooms and you dont choose to like/dislike them its neither a choice or genes its a developed taste.

Sometimes it’s a developed taste because we seek variety, and other times it’s a craving that our bodies have because we need the specific nutritional value that such a food item provides. I recall specifically from childhood experiences how a poorly prepared asparagus dish made me hate the texture and thought of eating it ever since. Not because I had a natural disliking to it, but because of that bad experience. What’s worse is that I also grew to despise any other food types that have a similar texture, not because they taste bad, but because they subconsciously triggered that bad memory. So it may not be a conscious choice, but I know that if I apply my mind to it, I would be able to get over it, the same way I got over many other vices or dislikes that were not necessarily good for me to maintain.

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