Naturally you…only more beautiful

Sometimes, we grow so fixated on our appearance that we forget that it’s that very fixation that causes blemishes.

Our bodies are most at balance and ease when our emotional balance is optimal.

There is no single definition of what optional means because we’re all unique in what we take from life, and what we aspire to create within it.

The moment we focus on our aesthetics, we lose sight of what makes us unique, and risk losing ourselves to the validation of our appearance from others.

This starts a vicious cycle of our physical form requiring more maintenance and nurturing than it would naturally need, convincing us that our focus on our physical state is reflective of how we care for our spiritual or emotional state.

Simply stated, balance of beauty comes from within, whereas imbalance of spirit comes from without.

OK, perhaps that wasn’t so simple, so here’s one more attempt to explain this simply.

When you focus on your appearance, you will lose sight of your essence. Of the substance of who you are.

Focus on your substance and your appearance will become a natural and beautifully balanced expression of who you are that will require no extended beauty regiments, and instead will leave you glowing without the need for synthetic products.

It’s a while lit lies effort and much cheaper to maintain as well, with sustainable results.

Struggling to find that balance? Reach out via my website at or on WhatsApp at +27836599183, and let’s get you on track to creating the life that you’ve always dreamed of.

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