Tainting a beautiful soul

Betrayal of trust always cuts deeper than any other wound that we endure in life.

A trust of the heart is an offering of the most sacred parts of who we are to those whom we believe will add to its beauty, and its peace.

When it is held sacred by the ones with whom we share it, it explodes into fountains of light, beautifying everything that it touches…including the hurts of the past.

When it is treated flippantly, it turns into caves of darkness, offering us protection from the shame of having had our sanctity violated by one so dear.

From deep within that cave, any light that enters threatens to disembowel what little dignity we have left.

Sometimes we flirt with that light, believing that it’s still possible to have the remnants of light in our soul join in the splendour of the beauty that we know is possible.

For a while, we grow bold, believing that the sanctity of us may yet be cherished by another. Until we’re reminded that it is that same trust that created the space for the darkness of another to snuff out our light.

So we withdraw. Any promises made to that point fade from view, and our trust becomes seasonal. Turning us into the darkness that seeks to destroy someone else’s light before they get a chance to destroy our own. Again.

It’s an unintended vengeance against other than the brute that ravaged our soul. But it carries with it the promise of safety, and the promise of once more being whole.

Thus, an unfulfilled vengeance, shreds a beautiful soul.

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