Mental Wealth Challenge: Day 15

Catching up with yesterday's challenge today is what has made it possible for me to post today's challenge so early. Proof that waking up early is key to productivity? I think so. The summer mornings have such a beautiful melody between the birds and the running water of the fountain, and not to mention the … Continue reading Mental Wealth Challenge: Day 15

I struggle to comprehend how this can go on for so long without massive protests. There are protests now for Trayvon, but every single one of these cases, if this is all there really is to it, are blatant miscarriages of justice. Yet it’s public knowledge and they got away with it? And continue to get … Continue reading

One of the great things about Tumblr is that people use it for just about every conceivable kind of expression. People being people, though, that means that Tumblr sometimes gets used for things that are just wrong. We are deeply committed to supporting and defending our users’ freedom of speech,…
Definitely support this initiative. Though I’m also two-minded about whether to ban the content outright, or to intervene with a Public Service Announcement. I think the public service announcement should be flagged against the offensive blog for a set period, but if the violation of the policy continues, the blog should be deactivated.  What do you think?

Tumblr Staff: A New Policy Against Self-Harm Blogs

I’m a victim…of you…and me.

I look around these days and see more people depressed, downtrodden, suicidal, and hopeless compared to people that have wholesome lives, a healthy self-esteem, and a general appreciation for the good that they have and the good that they are. For every person that I’ve seen going through intense despair or depression or self-loathing, I’ve … Continue reading I’m a victim…of you…and me.

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