I’m a victim…of you…and me.

I look around these days and see more people depressed, downtrodden, suicidal, and hopeless compared to people that have wholesome lives, a healthy self-esteem, and a general appreciation for the good that they have and the good that they are. For every person that I’ve seen going through intense despair or depression or self-loathing, I’ve witnessed the cause of their anguish to be based on either one of two things…acceptance by their families, or acceptance by society. 

Non-acceptance by family, in my opinion, is infinitely more painful and destructive because there’s a blood tie that won’t ever completely recede. So our need to be part of a bonded structure will always gnaw at us. 

On the other hand, non-acceptance by society is infinitely more confusing. Almost every single time I’ve witnessed that non-acceptance to be based on the appearance or social integration of the individual, yet those same individuals refuse to acknowledge that they’re trying to fit in with ridiculous stereotypical expectations of the lame-minded, and in doing so, they perpetuate that very same destructive social culture that brought them to that point.

Let’s judge people on their looks, and then mourn the loss of another teenager to suicide because she was never thin enough, pretty enough, lewd enough, religious enough, intelligent enough or simply not enough because they judge based on unrealistic icons rather than appreciating the unique beauty that is staring right at them. 

Let’s completely forget that the rights of the community is greater than the rights of the individual so that we may never achieve the wholesomeness of past generations. The more liberated we become, the more enslaved our minds are. So we spurn those that are different, and torment those that choose to be different, because the majority have been brain washed into believing that fitting in is more important than being sincere. 

We’ve become obsessed with our individual right of expression, and oblivious to the impact of our actions and decisions on those around us. Yet, when we suffer from the harsh effects of exactly that same selfishness, we fail to see the selfishness in our own actions, and so we continue fooling ourselves into believing that society is what causes us this pain and anguish, not realising that we actively support that very same societal standard that brought us to this point, and pushed many beyond. 

All these selfish individuals that actively subscribe to these selfish standards of society are members of those very same family units that fail to accept some of its own flesh and blood. And so the vicious cycle continues.

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