Choose your advisors carefully

Be careful about advice that makes you feel good but doesn’t resolve anything.

Things that make us feel good either provides us with an emotional high and feeds our ego, or with a spiritual high and feeds our soul.

When we strike a healthy balance between the two, we find peace.

So, be careful of people that only feed your emotional needs, but don’t know how to feed your soul.

Worse still, be careful about confusing emotional fulfilment with soul food. The one makes you feel good about where you’re at, and the other inspires you to grow beyond where you’re at.

Therefore, be careful about surrounding yourself with people that protect you from growing.

Sometimes they do it because they need company, and other times they do it without realising it.

Either way, you need to be aware of why you’re avoiding growth. Convincing yourself that it’s OK to remain defined by a past experience is just another defence mechanism to protect ourselves from the possibility of being available for another disappointment, betrayal, or loss.

That’s how we start dying long before death is ready to meet us.

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