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  • Soul food doesn’t feed the ego

    Soul food doesn’t feed the ego

    Be careful about advice that makes you feel good but doesn’t resolve anything. Things that make us feel good either provides us with an emotional high and feeds our ego, or with a spiritual high and feeds our soul. When we strike a healthy balance between the two, we find peace. So, be careful of […]

  • Don’t be a martyr

    Don’t be a martyr

    We act out of duty rather than conviction when the guilty martyr in us triumphs over our courage to be true to ourselves, and just to our souls. It is our focus on how we wish to be perceived, or how we need to meet expectations, that distracts us from our self-worth and conviction, and […]

  • Last words don’t always matter

    Last words don’t always matter

    Last words are only needed when we still care about what others think. Hoping to set the record straight about incorrect assumptions that someone may make of us is most often due to us still caring about their opinion of us. Importantly though, their opinion will only matter if they still matter to us. And […]