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  • Understanding vs Judgement

    Understanding vs Judgement

    There are two types of people in this world. Those who appreciate our efforts for trying to achieve good things. And those who ignore our efforts and judge us for failing. The ones who appreciate the effort recognise their own path towards growth, and empathise with the struggle and aspirations of others. This inspires them […]

  • Fearfully hopeful

    Fearfully hopeful

    Patience is only patience when it is the foundation of hope. Not when it is the pacifier of fear. Hope is the currency of growth, whereas fear is what breeds decay. To patiently await the decay of what we hold dear is not patience, it is surrender. To hope, despite the apparent futility that stares […]

  • Last words don’t always matter

    Last words don’t always matter

    Last words are only needed when we still care about what others think. Hoping to set the record straight about incorrect assumptions that someone may make of us is most often due to us still caring about their opinion of us. Importantly though, their opinion will only matter if they still matter to us. And […]

  • Gratitude is not the first step

    Gratitude is not the first step

    Gratitude is all that matters, because gratitude is not possible without everything that matters coming before it. Gratitude escapes us when we don’t respect the effort needed to achieve anything worth achieving. It escapes us when we assume that we’re entitled to an outcome, without considering our contribution that is needed towards that outcome. It […]

  • The understanding seeker

    The understanding seeker

    Seek to understand, so that you may be able to accept the events of your life with peace, rather than feeling compelled to let go with bitterness. It’s the inclination to want to be heard that denies us peace when we’re not heard. Or to want to be acknowledged when we are dismissed. Rather than […]

  • The value of values

    The value of values

    One of the paths to insanity is to try to reason around someone else’s actions or behaviour by assuming that their value system is the same as yours. This includes people who come from the same culture, tradition, ethnicity, and even family as you do. Our value system may be informed by a common framework […]