Master patience

Remembering to hold on to hope, and to abandon my expectations of others has always been my saving grace for my sanity and my dignity.Expectations, whether legitimate or not, are rooted in a sense of entitlement to receive what we need from others.Expectations are key to a healthy relationship, because when we can trust another [...]

Don’t choose the hard way

The original Afrikaans saying for this is somewhat more impactful.'Die wat nie will hoor nie, moet voel.'Translated, that means that if you don't want to listen, then you'll feel the pain.While it may have been regularly used as a taunt by teachers and parents towards misbehaving kids, it is totally apt for adults as well.Our [...]

Reconnect with your innate wisdom

We all have an innate wisdom that we lose sight of as the distractions of life accumulate.When we go out in search of answers and adopt methods that worked for someone else, we further distance ourselves from that innate wisdom.This distancing that occurs undermines our authenticity, and leaves us feeling at odds with life rather [...]

Fearfully hopeful

Patience is only patience when it is the foundation of hope. Not when it is the pacifier of fear.Hope is the currency of growth, whereas fear is what breeds decay.To patiently await the decay of what we hold dear is not patience, it is surrender.To hope, despite the apparent futility that stares us down, is [...]

The value of values

One of the paths to insanity is to try to reason around someone else's actions or behaviour by assuming that their value system is the same as yours.This includes people who come from the same culture, tradition, ethnicity, and even family as you do.Our value system may be informed by a common framework or point [...]