Don’t choose the hard way

The original Afrikaans saying for this is somewhat more impactful.

‘Die wat nie will hoor nie, moet voel.’

Translated, that means that if you don’t want to listen, then you’ll feel the pain.

While it may have been regularly used as a taunt by teachers and parents towards misbehaving kids, it is totally apt for adults as well.

Our reasons for avoiding, or even rejecting good advice is not always because we think we know better. Often, it’s because we assume that taking advice is a sign of weakness or incompetence. Hence our preference to learn the hard way instead.

Add to that the source being someone who already, just by their presence, intimidates us, and suddenly an offering of advice from them feels like an attack.

At the heart of it is our sense of self-worth. The lower our confidence, the more likely it is that an innocent gesture will appear as an attack.

Low emotional maturity is the biggest stumbling block towards growth, and towards owning our life.

Improving your emotional maturity is not about learning coping mechanisms for when you feel triggered, it’s about growing to understand why you are inclined towards feeling triggered at all.

Stop coping with life and start thriving. It all begins with gaining insight into who you are and what shaped you to be this way.

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